Coal Cellar + Grill – Express Lunch Menu

Have you ever been flat chat at work but absolutely stinging for a delicious meal? I don’t know about you but sometimes when I’ve got a hectic day at work, the only thing that gets me through and keeps me sane is the thought of a good feed for lunch. Usually it’s something on the go as time is limited and I’m jetting off to my next meeting.

Well heads up, now you can sneak off between work meetings and wine and dine the heck out of yourself so hard and fast that your boss will be asking “has someone had garlic?” in the boardroom before you know it.

Coal Cellar + Grill, the hub for all things fine and delicious, located in the heart of the Hilton Hotel in Victoria Square, have developed a concept to keep your appetite satisfied as well as your work schedule tight.

We were lucky enough to sample their Express Lunch experience and let me say, we were not disappointed. The concept isn’t a new one, but it IS a solid one.

Lunch kicks off at 12pm and winds up around 2.30pm. So. what’s the go you ask? Listen up: $25 for a main + a wine, beer or soft drink + a coffee. Shut the front door.

Great deal aside, the food was very on point. We were offered one of four different mains that proudly uses local produce and stock with a key ingredient being used as a highlight every four weeks. This month it was mandarin that danced around the plates of the mains on offer.


I chose the Seared Salmon because a) seafood is divine and b) you wouldn’t find salmon on a menu for less than $25 and the university student in me wants value for money. The skin was crisped to perfection and the flesh was so tender and pink. The salad was juicy and crunchy boasting shreds of fennel and tasty sweet sultanas. The mandarin gel arranged on the plate served nicely as a little dipping condiment for salmon or the salad.

Lee chose the  Coal Grilled Lamb Cutlets with freekah tabouli and orange thyme crème fraiche. The lamb was a generous serving of three succulent cutlets and the freekah provided a hearty grainy tabouli to keep you full for the rest of the day. The crème fraiche was almost like a whipped sour cream with a citrusy finish.

You might not even be on a tight time schedule and can hang around to chat and maybe even have a suss of the amazing desserts – that’s cool too, you don’t have to be out by the hour and this is STILL a ridiculously good deal. It’s fine dining that will cost you less than a pub meal. So pencil this in your schedule, it’s one not to be missed.

Words by Kassie Affede from Big Mouth Blog

WHERE: 233 Victoria Square, Adelaide



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