Pizza Art and I

Nonna and I is a well-kept secret that resides just off the Parade, and they have recently introduced a small expansion that is called Pizza Art and I – a pizza takeaway catering service that provides its guests with an impressive range of gourmet and classic pizzas. A well known motto at Nonna and I is to “come hungry, leave happy” and it’s safe to say, we most certainly did just that!

The team at Adelaide Food Central was invited to taste-test the newest range of pizzas, where all food and drink was provided free of charge.

In my four years of food blogging, I don’t think I have ever come across a chef (or a person in general) who has shared such passion and enthusiasm for their career in cooking up some delicious storms in the kitchen! Chef Khalil possesses a larger-than-life personality that shines through every dish that he brings out to his guests. From the very moment when Chef Khalil brought out the first pizza, we knew that we were in for a treat. We were put to the test, where we tasted three kinds of pizza and were asked to think about the flavours and ingredients in each pizza.

The first pizza we tried was a Salmon and Ricotta Cheese pizza. The pizza base was made from scratch, which added to the beauty of this delicious pizza. The salmon was fresh and had a subtle taste, without overpowering it with its fishy taste. The ricotta cheese was soft and creamy and mixed well with the pizza base, providing for a nice balance of sweet and salty. The greens that were used were fresh and delivered well, in terms of the ‘healthy component’ of the pizza.

The next dish we were served the Stromboli, which had mozzarella cheese, diced beef, herbs, and a side of sauce. I loved the twist on a classic pizza that the Stromboli possessed in its presentation. The pizza dough was perfectly cooked to have a crispy outer layer and super soft filling, which tasted absolutely scrumptious with the hot contents of the meat, spices and cheese filling on the inside. The flavours were well balanced and complemented each other with and without the sauce on the side.

Lastly, we were offered the Chicken and Ranch pizza. The chicken was perfectly cooked and had a tender presentation. The bits of chicken broke off the pizza so effortlessly and practically melted in my mouth. The ranch dressing on top of the pizza was well-executioned, which further added to the beauty of this pizza. The roast capsicum and herbs were a fine touch that made this pizza very colourful and appetizing. Once again, the pizza base had a great balance of crispy and soft, which made this dish very enjoyable.

I loved how Chef Khalil was able to create a variety of pizza types using the most simple ingredients, which work so beautifully when in collaboration with each other. Like most Italian dishes, the pizzas that are available on the menu offer a catering ground to all dietary requirements, where vegetarian and vegan pizza options are also offered. The thing I appreciated most about Pizza Art and I is its ability to produce some seriously delectable pizzas that are made fresh, the dough of which is made from scratch, and have just three-five ingredients that are enough to satisfy our hungry tummies. If you are looking for affordable and authentic Italian food on the go, then make your way down to Pizza Art and I, where you can be guaranteed with amazing service, fantastic food, and a very happy-go-lucky chef whose main mission is to create culinary goodness at its finest!

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan

WHERE: 2/1 Margaret St, Norwood


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