Yelp’s Radelaide Love Affair

Yelp is an online service that helps people find great local businesses as well events, lists and socialise with other yelpers. Yelp’s Radelaide Love Affair event, held at the Published Arthouse, showcased some of the best South Australian food, drink and retail businesses. This included Bakery on O’Connell, Barossa Fine Foods, Chile Mojo, Gelista Premium Gelati, Let Them Eat, Tuckers Natural and Woodside Cheese Wrights. Drinks also included Adelaide Hills Cider, Barossa Valley Brewing and Juice Lovers Juicery to name a few.

Let Them Eat was the first stall we visited. It was beautifully presented with spoonful’s of delicious dishes and cones of popcorn on display. I had the Middle Eastern Cracked Wheat with pomegranate. The grains were tender and I loved the pops of sweetness from the pomegranate. This would be a great light lunch option and perfect for an office worker. Let Them Eat also had some delicious cups of popcorn, which were amazing. They were sweet and salty and with a slight hint of spice to it. I happily gobbled this up and before I knew it it was gone. It is such a great healthy snack option.

I have seen Juice Lovers Juicery in the Regent Arcade and have always wanted to try their fresh juice as their store always looks so inviting. I love juice so when I saw their samples I had to try. I first had the Organic C-Bomb which had orange, pineapple, grapefruit and orange. It was perfectly sweet and the combinations of fruits were delicious. I also tried the Organic Green Heart juice, which had green apple, cucumber, parsley, coriander and ginger. It had a very strong hit of ginger that I loved and would be perfect to cure any sickness.

Bakery on O’Connell had lots of yummy goodies on display with beautiful doughnuts which were very hard to not indulge in. I instead tried their free sample, the Nutella Bomb. This was incredible. The doughnut ball was light and fluffy, coated generously in cinnamon sugar and crunchy on the outside. There was a generous amount of Nutella inside the bomb which is what you want, and I was actually in heaven. Once I had finished devouring this morsel of goodness I’m pretty sure I had Nutella smeared all over my face but it was worth it. I think I may even have to pay Bakery on O’Connell a visit to experience this amazingness again!

I have always been a big fan of Gelista Premium Gelati since I discovered their amazing gelati a couple of years ago. This is a locally owned business which makes premium gelati from fresh local ingredients. When I saw they were handing out free Gelati I was very excited to try one of their new flavours. I had the Blood Orange and Dark Chocolate Gelati, which was incredible. After speaking with the owner I was told this is made with fresh Blood Orange juice, and you can really tell. It is sweet and tangy, and the flecks of dark chocolate add another flavor dimension which is out of this world.

As well as free goodies, there was a little ‘café’ area at the back of the venue with three options on offer for $5 each. They included Arancini Balls, a Pulled Pork Burger and Mac & Cheese. We sampled the Arancini Balls and Mac & Cheese. They were so delicious and pretty well priced at $5! The Arancini Balls were perfectly crisp and golden on the outside, and the rice inside was well cooked, seasoned and had a delicious gooey cheese centre. We also had the Mac & Cheese which was great. There was so much flavour in this dish and there was the perfect amount of cheese smothered on the Macaroni. It was also such a great portion for the price paid.

There were also stalls for retail businesses such as Itty Bitty Bunch and their beautiful miniature flower arrangements that guests were able to take home. Oh Deer Sugar is an inedible bakery, specialising in bath and skin care goods, which look freakishly like baked goods but definitely can not be eaten. The Love Lettery also had a beautiful stall of gifts such as cards, purses, jewellery and prints.

I really enjoyed my time at Radelaide’s Love Affair event. There were a great variety of businesses to suit just about anyone and they did a great job of showing off  what Adelaide has to offer in the food and wine scene. There were plenty of free goodies for guests to take home and a great success on Yelp’s behalf.

Words and Photos by Angela Scarfo from All About That Food

WHERE: Published Arthouse, 11 Cannon St, Adelaide



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  1. yelpadelaide says:

    Thanks so much for your amazing review of the Yelp’s Radelaide Love Affair! So excited that you had a great time. Can’t wait for you all to come to the next event!

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