Sen Adelaide Restaurant – Lunch Menu

In Vietnamese, Sen means Lotus. In Greek mythology the Lotus is a plant whose fruit induced a dreamy forgetfulness and an unwillingness to leave. This is very fitting for Sen as we settled in to sample the delights the lunch menu had to bring.

Vietnamese food is so hot right now particularly that of the Vietnamese rolls. Decorated in crisp white linen and sparkly wine glasses, Sen offers a more fine dining take on the lunchtime grab and go.

To start us off we were served traditional Vietnamese known as Ca Phe Da. The premium dark roast coffee is individually brewed with a small French drip filter into a glass containing half an inch of sweetened condensed milk. Once the drip filter has done its thing it’s time to stir and pour over ice. It was creamy and sweet and so very refreshing!


Our first dish was Sizzling Steak, Pate and Fried Egg roll. This Vietnamese roll came on a plate deconstructed. So very Masterchef – George, Gary and Matt would approve. Its presentation was very appeasing, almost as good as it’s taste. The classic Vietnamese bread was crusty on the outside and soft inside and the beef slices were lean and swimming in delicious garlic and lemongrass which was very fragrant. The egg was served sunny side up and the pate added depth to the dish. A nice little unadvertised addition was the little potato wedges on top that were so soft, delicate and buttery.


We also shared the Charcoal Grilled Pork Chop, Roasted Pork and Fried Egg with Broken Rice. Yes that was one dish! The pork chop was lean and well seasoned and the roast pork had just the right amount of crisp. The rice was firm and moulded into a little mound of Vietnamese goodness. The pickles were sweet, tangy and crispy. The cucumber tied the dish together with its signature crunch and juiciness.

Sen is a nice little spot to indulge in some Vietnamese lunching. If you have some time to sit and experience your lunch roll, I vote Sen.

Words by Kassie Affede from Big Mouth Blog

WHERE: 167 Gouger St, Adelaide



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