Earth’s Kitchen

Nestled in a little corner on Pirie Street resides a beautiful looking restaurant that adorns with a number of recycled items hanging off the walls. Upon walking in to the place, we were welcomed by a calming, earthy scent that made us feel like we were in a sacred abode.

The owners may have gone for the upcycled and minimalistic perspective, but it works so well with the theme of this place. Aiming to deliver the finest, most organic, and healthiest options of dining, Earth’s Kitchen have done a fantastic job in offering a number of delicious sounding (and looking) dishes by incorporating a healthy mix of vegetables and free-range meat. There is also a lot of natural lighting, which further adds to a feeling of calmness and homeliness in this small but comfortable restaurant.

Following the principle of Sustainable, Organic, Local, and Ethical (SOLE), Earth’s Kitchen has proven to deliver food that possesses all these fantastic and appealing qualities in the form of some seriously tasty treats!

The team at Adelaide Food Central were invited to sample from their menu, where all food and drink was provided free of charge.

Keeping up with the theme of the place, we ordered two drinks from the smoothie menu that best represented the “all natural” and “organic” component.

Brilliant for naming the drinks based on their appearance, The Iron Shrek smoothie with kale, banana, spirulina, and coconut milk was a glass of heaven. While the banana was the strongest flavour in this drink, it worked well with the combination of the coconut milk. The taste of kale was subtle. The texture of this drink was not overly thick, which made for a refreshing drink.

As a lover of puns, I was pleased to read the name The Vincent Mangogh. Recommended by one of the waitresses, this smoothie had mango, lemon, mint, raspberry, pineapple, and camu camu. While the taste of the mint was a bit too overpowering for my taste, the aftertaste of mango and pineapple made this smoothie very versatile and enjoyable. Again, the consistency was just right, as one of the biggest turn-offs for me is when the smoothie is too thick to drink via a straw.

For the entrée, we ordered the Pumpkin and Zucchini balls with Spanish herb scent in a sweet tomato and basil sauce. The balls had a super soft and almost creamy texture, but still maintained a subtle, crisp outer layer. The taste of pumpkin and zucchini worked really well when mixed together, and was further complemented by the tomato and basil sauce. The dish looked very appetizing and had the right combination of flavours that provided a sweet and salty taste.

We also had the Trio of Organic House Dips, served with flat bread. The vibrant colours of this appetizer impressed me so much that I was willing to have the entire dish to myself! Alas, there were two of us, but the dips were scrumptious, that they had to be shared! The flat bread was seasoned with herbs, which worked well with the freshness of the dips. We were offered the beetroot dip, the pumpkin dip, and the pesto dip. Each had its own sense of fresh, creamy textures. They were neither too salty nor too sweet. My favourite dip was the beetroot one, because it was sweet enough to mix well with the herbs from the flat bread. The consistencies of the dips were constant and had just the right level of thickness.

Another very beautiful looking dish that we tried was the Pumpkin Falafel Patty with garlic tzatziki, and fresh organic salad. The patty was cooked to a lovely crisp, with a super soft stuffing on the inside. The patty tasted really delicious both with and without the garlic tzatziki and presented with a perfect texture. The beetroot was fresh and tasted really nice with the salad and vegetable noodles that were served on the side.

Opting for an ultra healthy option, we chose the Marinated Beetroot Salad with quinoa, feta, baby spinach, nuts (almond and walnut), and mint with mustard and balsamic vinaigrette. This dish presented with a nice and crunchy texture. The sweetness from the beetroot complemented the saltiness from the feta cubes beautifully. I also loved how there were almonds and walnuts in this delectable concoction, which further added the excitement to this salad.

Seeing how there was a variety of options of pizza, we couldn’t help but opt for the Chorizo Kangaroo Pizza with homemade tomato sauce, wild kangaroo chorizo, roasted capsicum and mozzarella. When you hear of a name of a restaurant like “Earth’s Kitchen”, you would (ignorantly) assume that they were another vegetarian/vegan place that pretty much swears off meat. But oh, how wrong I was! I was deeply pleased to see that it is an all-encompassing place where people of various dietary requirements are welcome. The pizza was cooked to perfection, with a crust that had a lovely balance of crispy and soft. I don’t think you understand what I’m trying to say – this pizza is probably one of the best pizzas that I’ve had in Adelaide thus far.

The price range at Earth’s Kitchen is very affordable and reasonable – given its options of food and drink, and its prime location on one of the busiest and most popular streets in the heart of the Adelaide CBD. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed atmosphere or are ready for getting your takeaway fix sorted, Earth’s Kitchen is an excellent spot that won’t disappoint.

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan

WHERE: 131 Pirie St, Adelaide

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