Kersbrook Hill Wines and Cider – The Magpie & The Flames


As local residents living in South Australia we are quite blessed to have an exceptional abundance of quality local wine and food all within half an hour to an hour’s drive from Adelaide’s CBD. There is an upsurging wave within the last few years encouraging South Australians to buy local in order to support local producers and businesses. Paul Clark, owner of Kersbrook Hill Wines, embodies this ideology through his products. Paul and his small team only source only the best quality produce, all grown and made here in South Australia, to produce his wines and ciders.

Adelaide Food Central were kindly invited by Paul and artist Daniel Purvis to an opening night of Daniel’s exhibition of ‘The Magpie & The Flames’. Here we listened to Daniel give us an insight behind the inspiration he found for ‘Magpie and the Flames’. These artworks all which were inspired by Paul’s experience during the Sampson Flat Fires.
This white sparkling wine was light on the palate and ultra refreshing with what I could pick up nougat and almonds as well as hints of green apples. Definitely would be a great crowd pleaser at a summer dinner party.

Finally a red wine for those who are not always so keen on reds. The Cabernet Sauvignon Cuvee is a red sparkling wine. It was much lighter on my palate than other standard reds I have sampled in the past. What I loved about this one was the fruitiness of the red berries the wine embodied. It also left a delightful, light fruity aftertaste on my palate.

Good wine has to be drank with good food and this was exactly the case here. Guests were generously provided with an assortment of delicious locally sourced cold meats that included spicy salami and prosciutto as well as creamy cheeses and freshly baked breads from a local bakery within the region.



From the team at Adelaide Food Central we would like to thank Paul and his team at Kersbrook Hill Wines for their hospitality and generosity. As well as to Daniel for giving us an insight into his inspiration behind his artworks for ‘The Magpie & The Flames’.

Words and Photos by Linh Nguyen

WHERE: 1498 South Para Rd, Kersbrook



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