Coopers Burger Shack

Located as a stall on the eastern end of Rundle Mall, just outside the Hotel Richmond, is the new Coopers Burger Shack. Running along side Coffee Central, the owners felt a need to offer something more during the Summer months. With the popularity of burgers in Adelaide at an all time high, it was a no brainer to start serving up burgers. The menu is short and simple with 7 delicious burgers to choose from. The beef based burgers are made from Wagyu Brisket and the burgers themselves are specially paired with Coopers Brewery beers.

For lunch, I ordered The Vintage Burger which comes with a Wagyu beef patty, lettuce, Spanish onion, tomato, cheese and Coopers Burger Shack chutney. The burger came out 15 minutes after ordering and was very well presented. The beef patty was of a good thickness and had the same diameter as the bun. The meat was well seasoned and juicy with a lovely pinkish centre. The cheese was nicely melted over the patty and the lettuce was fresh and crisp. The subtle saltiness of the beef was balanced by the natural sweetness of the onion, tomato and chutney. The bun was nice and firm, and held all the ingredient in well.


Coopers Burger Shack is like a backyard oasis right in the heart of the city. Equipped with it’s own bar, fake lawn, barrel tables and white picket fence, it’s the perfect place to relax when you’ve been out shopping in Rundle Mall. The burgers start at $8.50 and go all the way to $12 which represents good value for money, particularly when you consider the quality. They also have a good selection of beers, wines and spirits, but if you’re not feeling like anything alcoholic, they also make great coffee too.

WHERE: Rundle Mall, Adelaide



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