Food Styling with Fiona Roberts

Drake Supermarkets have recently introduced a new platter range. As part of the design process of these platters, they sought the help of expert food stylist, Fiona Roberts to help make these platters more appetising. She’s come up with a booklet that shows you how to best present your platter items at home. With Drake Supermarkets doing all the hard work for you, food styling has never been easier.

Social media platforms like Instagram are particularly popular with food because people eat with their eyes. This emphasises the importance of food styling. Adelaide Food Central, along with other guest bloggers, were also given some important styling tips by Fiona Roberts. Here are some of the key points:


  • think about definition, balance and contrast
  • make sure ingredients are fresh, vibrant and succulent
  • meat should look brown and glossy
  • sauces shouldn’t be oily
  • if the food is hot then it needs to look hot


  • shape of the food dictates the plates that you use
  • need to consider the shape of other ingredients
  • shape and proportion of the props needs to compliment that of the food

Texture and Definition

  • helps in creating interest and appetite appeal
  • think about the texture of the food
  • look at the different elements in the dish and their textures
  • look at the textures of the backgrounds, placements and napkins etc.
  • meat needs to look warm in images
  • fish needs to look cool
  • wrong colour balance throws off appetite appeal


  • key role in shooting food
  • daylight is most ideal as it wraps itself around food.
  • daylight is soft and reduces shadows and contrast
  • avoid harsh sunshine when using daylight
  • side lighting and back lighting works best for food

Focal Point

  • shallow depth field is great when you want to focus on a particular element of the dish
  • soften off the less important elements

Camera Angles

  • when a chef plates up a dish, it is done at three quarter height
  • think about the elements in balance when shooting at a particular angle
  • at an angle, everything in the foreground looks bigger than the background
  • don’t shoot at skewy angles


Prior to all the food styling, the group did get to sample some of Drake Supermarket’s delicious new platters. With the help of food styling booklet created by Fiona Roberts, being a food stylist at home has never been easier. You’ve have your guests taking photos of your food in no time!

Adelaide Food Central would like to thank Drake Supermarkets and Fiona Roberts for such an informative and educational evening. We’d also like to thank Neon Moose for organising the event.


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