Rumi Palace – Revisit

Typically my first visit to a restaurant is when it first opens and during that time, they’re still settling in and sorting out any teething problems. It’s not uncommon for an average experience, but from what I recall, it was quite good. 6 months later, Adelaide Food Central was invited back to the restaurant to see how they were going and we happily obliged. All food and drink were provided free of charge.

The first entree we had was the Sambusa which is a pastry filled with fresh herbs, garlic and ginger. Essentially, Sambusa is another name for Samosa. The pastry was crispy and the filling was well seasoned. The chackni dipping sauce was like yoghurt based sauce with subtle notes of garlic.


Next was the Pakawra which are patties made from potato, yoghurt, cabbage leaves and chilli. It would be best described as the Middle Eastern potato fritter with bits of potato in a crunchy batter. Once again, the chackni really enhanced the flavour of the dish.


The first main was the Korma Mourgh (Chicken Curry). The curry was mild with the perfect amount of spice. The chicken thighs were slow cooked and easily fell apart. The flavours of the curry were well infused into the meat. The meat was well filleted and there wasn’t a piece of sinew in sight.


The other main was the Rose Kebab which is like a deconstructed kebab. The lamb pieces were lean, well marinated and perfectly cooked. The centre of the lamb morsels were a light pink which is the way it should be. Mixed with caramelised onions and fresh herbs, the dish was simply amazing.


For dessert, we started off with the Shollezard which consists of rice, sugar, saffron, rose water and slivered almond with a cinnamon topping. The dessert is soft and delicate. It has the strong flavour of saffron with the subtle aroma of rose water. The first taste is almost a shock to the system because unless you’ve had it before, you wouldn’t have tasted anything like it, but after that, it grows on you.


Next was the Fereni which is made from milk, corn flour, sugar, rose water, vanilla and slivered pistachios. Just like the previous dessert, the texture was soft and delicate. It was subtly sweet with the creamy taste of vanilla and the aroma of rose water. The pistachios added a nice crunchy texture.


Rumi Palace has come a long way since it first opened. Like all good businesses, they’re constantly improving and I was happy to hear they are getting a lot of repeat customers. For us, the entire night was faultless. Each dish was well executed and the timing of them coming out was spot on. The service was exceptional as was the atmosphere.

Iranian and Afghanistan cuisine is not that common in Adelaide and I guess people aren’t as adventurous to test it out yet. It’s a shame because the food is really great, especially at Rumi Palace. If you’re in the Norwood area, go check them out in the Hoyts Cinema Complex. You won’t regret it!

WHERE: 185 The Parade, Norwood

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