Lindt Chocolate Shop

With already 8 Lindt Chocolate Cafes and 5 Chocolate Shops across the country, things are set to get a whole lot sweeter for the people of Adelaide when they open their first South Australian store early next month. The Adelaide retail store will be located in the Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre and will be situated on the corner of the northern entry.

The shop will feature a wide selection of premium chocolate products as well as exclusive varieties that customers will enjoy. There will be classic Lindt products as well as the largest selection of Lindor balls in Australia. The Lindt Chocolate Bar will also be serving take away drinks with a range of hot and chilled chocolate beverages.


The timing of the opening is perfect for the festive season as customers have the opportunity to purchase sweet gifts for loved ones. The store has an exclusive range of pick and mixed chocolates that are ideal for customised gifts. There are also Christmas hampers and a range of boxed chocolates if it becomes too hard to decide.

The store will be opening on Friday 4th December 2015 at 10am. To celebrate, the new store will be giving away 1kg worth of Lindor Balls to the first 100 customers who spend $10 or more between the 4th December and 6th December. Get on to it!

WHERE: Harbour Town Adelaide, 727 Tapleys Hills Rd, West Beach


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