If you were to ask me where I can get gourmet burgers down south, I would probably tell you Fancy Burger in Blackwood. Well there’s a new hotspot called Fudd’s in Aberfoyle Park. Based on the nickname of one of the owners, Fudd’s offers 8 gourmet burger options (9 if you lose the bun) and a selection of sides and salads. After having a conversation with one of the owners, I was told they’re steering clear of calling themselves a burger joint as they are introducing a tex mex menu down the track.

For lunch, I ordered the Double Cheeseburger with bacon with a side of classic fries. The meal was ready after a 15 minute wait and was beautifully presented (almost too good to eat). The burger was a good size and I could hardly wrap my mouth around it (a very good sign). The beef patties were a good thickness, were well seasoned and pinkish in the centre (just the way it should be). The American cheddar was nicely melted over the patties and there was good balance between the sourness of the pickles and sweetness of the red onion. The amount of mustard, ketchup and Fudd sauce was just right as the burger was not too saucy or too dry. The only criticism of the burger was the bacon. The rashers could have been crispier and the bits of gristle removed. Having said that, the bun was nice and firm, and held all the ingredients in well. The side of fries was well seasoned, crunchy on the outside, and light and fluffy in the centre.


The staff were friendly and very knowledgeable about what was on offer. The service was very good and the atmosphere was casual and relaxed. At Fudd’s burgers start at $9 and go up to $14, which is not bad. The Double Cheeseburger set me back $15 ($2 extra for bacon) which was good considering size and quality.

Had I not asked for the extra bacon, it would have been a perfect experience.

WHERE: 3/40 Sandpiper Cr, Aberfoyle Park




Fudd's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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