Cheesefest 2015

Cheesefest is up for long service leave as it reaches its 10 year mile stone. As a first, craft brewer Vale Brewing has taken on naming rights sponsor for this years event. At the same time, they’re also releasing their latest experimental beer; Pineapple Saison.

To be released nationally at the conclusion of Cheesefest, the Pineapple Saison is a culmination of adding fruity additions to beer. Soft characteristics are created by the German pilsner malt while the addition of pineapple juice to the ferment adds a refreshing spicy complexity. A lovely refreshing beer with a hint of tartness at the end.


Other picks for the day were the Classic Cheeseburger from A Hereford Beefstouw. This burger was amazing! The premium beef patty was well seasoned, juicy and cooked to perfection. The vegetables were fresh and crisp, and the secret sauce combined all the elements together. Held together in a lightly toasted bun, this was one of the best Cheeseburgers I’ve had.


The other standout I thought was the Seafood Paella from Jamface. What drew me to this place were the wonderful aromas coming from the stall. Filled with succulent morsels of squid and prawns, the flavours of the ocean were well infused into the rice. The rice was a combination of soft and delicate grains mixed with the chewy crispy bits that everyone longs for. Cooking up 9 giant paella pans in a single day, this dish was a winner.


This years Cheesefest was another huge success with massive crowds enjoying ice cold beverages, delicious food, a vibrant atmosphere and fabulously warm weather. There’s still one more day to go so make sure you head on down to Rymill Park to participate in the festivities.

Adelaide Food Central would like thank Vale Brewing and O’Rourke PR for their invitation.

WHERE: Rymill Park, Adelaide

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