Somerled Wines

Somerled is the brainchild of winemaker Rob Moody who spent more than 30 years working at Penfolds and has been involved in some of Australia’s most famous wines. Their cellar door is located on the main street in Hahndorf and has plenty of sunny courtyards for you to sit back, relax and enjoy their wine. It’s run by Rob’s wife, Heather, and daughter Lucy, however, you’ll see Rob pop in now and again.

At Somerled, the focus is on quality. The selection of wines on offer is compact, unique and distinct, and only varieties that do well in the region are used. Adelaide Food Central was fortunate enough to be invited to sample the wines on offer today. All food and drink were provided free of charge.


The Sauvignon Blanc is pale in colour with bright green tints. The aromas are of mango, passion fruit and freshly cut grass. The taste is crisp, and soft and delicate in character.


The Sparkling Pinot Noir is also pale in colour. The aromas are of crushed strawberries, and yeast which you see rising steadily from the glass. On the palate it is delicate, elegant and dry while retaining softness. The finish is refreshing as it is enhanced by the bubbly nature of the drop.


The Chardonnay is pale with bright green tints. The aroma has hints of peach, nougat and butterscotch, and on the palate, it has a lovely rich complexity which is hard to describe.


The Rose has a lovely pale, elegant colour. The smell is like strawberry, as is the taste, although there is a supple creaminess about it.


The Pinot Noir is vibrant in colour with attractive tints of ruby red. The aroma is a combination of black cherry and subtle oak spice. Tastewise, it is a combination of cherries and strawberries which are clean and crisp.


The Picnic Races Red is a vibrant dark red. It has a distinct aroma of blackberry and other dark fruits. The taste is savoury with this one as you can detect blackberry, marzipan, oak and lingering spice. It’s full of flavour and the taste is complex. It’s more elegant rather than rich.


The Shiraz is dark, deep and dense. The aromas are of plum, chocolate and cinnamon. On the palate, there is a lingering taste of dark chocolate and spice.


Of course, all the wine can’t be enjoyed without their well complimenting Spanish Platter. The platter consists of Spanish manchego cheese, local bread, local olive oil and olives, sundried wild figlets and housemade anchovy sticks. My favourite was the anchovy sticks; simple and yet very delicious. The cheese was a close second.

I have to say that wines we tasted at Somerled were very good and we’d like to thank the Moody family for their kind hospitality. This is one cellar door that you need to check out when in Hahndorf.

WHERE: 89 Main St, Hahndorf

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