Adelaide Night Noodle Markets

Adelaide is the festival capital of Australia, showcasing the finest art, culture and food to the eyes of the public. This year, Adelaide is privileged to have the Night Noodle Markets in conjunction with the OzAsia Festival. I get really excited about this because it is the first year that the Markets come to Adelaide!

Oz Asia

Started in 1998 at Sydney, the Night Noodle Markets has gained its popularity and expanded to Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth. This market has gathered myriad varieties of Asian street food, such as Vietnamese, Filipino, Malaysian, Thai, Japanese and many others.

This 11 day food festival starting from 24 September to 4 October is brought to you by Good Food Month, in association with Adelaide Festival Centre’s OzAsia Festival. Besides food, there are also various performances such as Japanese Taiko Drum Group. 14-piece Indonesian gamelan orchestra Sambasunda and Fusion Beats Bollywood that can enjoyed by the diners.

As the sun goes down, the Adelaide Night Noodle Markets will be taking the Adelaide Festival Centre Precinct and Station Road by storm with 21 food stalls and 40 performers converging at the precinct. Worthy to mention, the popular local food stalls such as Kopi and Kitchen, Mai Kitchen and Madame Hanoi will be joining hands with interstate food stalls Hoy Pinoy, Everybody Loves Ramen as well as N2 Extreme Gelato in making this event a great success.

Diners won’t be disappointed in visiting the market as the choices are plenty. I tried the ramen fried chicken from Everybody Loves Ramen. It was an innovative idea to get the crunchiness of the chicken from fried ramen. The texture was great and the chicken was juicy. I wouldn’t have realised that the fried chicken batter was actually ramen if I don’t look at the menu! Besides ramen fried chicken, they also offer ramen tacos with choices of pork, beef and chicken.

Ramen Fried Chicken

Ramen Tacos

Next up in the limelight were the sweet and sticky BBQ skewers from Hoy Pinoy. It was a pleasure watching the staff barbeque the meat over the charcoal in front of me while waiting for my food. I chose the pork belly skewers and it was amazing. It can get very messy when eating as the sauce kept dripping. Make sure you do have plenty of serviettes before you start indulging in the food. Nonetheless, who cares when it’s good street food!

Hoy Pinoy

I was exhilarated when I saw N2 Extreme Gelato in the stallholder list. We went to try their Brokeback Moments and Ferrero Reveal. Oh man, it was very creamy and delicious! The Brokeback Moments consisted of vanilla gelato with honeycomb crumbs and caramel syringe. On the other hand, the Ferrero Reveal was the hazelnut gelato with rice pops and chocolate syringe. Both the gelato had the choc top. One fun fact about the syringe was that it cannot be taken out of the stall premise as part of the organiser’s rules.

Brokeback Moments and Ferrero Reveal

Moving on to local food stalls, I visited Mai Kitchen which serves homely Vietnamese food. The sweet potato fries was the crowd favourite! It was very crunchy, thanks to the special batter made by the cook. According to the owner, it is best accompanied by beer/wine. Besides that, there are also a couple of dishes offered such as BBQ quail, vegan skewers and fried chicken.

Mai Kitchen

South Australia is famous for its wine, so how can the Night Noodle Markets ever miss out on having a pop-up cellar door? Fear not, the Vine Room by Yalumba Wine fits the brief in showcasing the finest wine selection and enabling the diners to enjoy the night with a little vino.

The Vine Room

On behalf of Adelaide Food Central, I was invited to the media launch of Adelaide Night Noodle Markets and OzAsia Festival at Sean’s Kitchen on Thursday 24 September. The Head of Food, Fairfax Events, James Laing presented a speech on the history of Night Noodle Markets and how Adelaide being the festival capital fits in this food festival.

Seans Kitchen

Chef Sean Connolly was a fantastic host of the night with food being pumped out from the kitchen constantly. During the night, we were treated to curry udon, green curry chicken, Peking duck, pork bun, grilled prawn and lamb skewer. Pork bun was my favourite with the refreshing pickle and moist roast pork.

Green Chicken Curry

Pork Bun

Roast Pork

Besides that, there were two huge whole roast suckling pig being served on the night to celebrate the auspicious media launch of the Markets. The meat and crackling were served straight off the bone from the counter to the attenders. On top of that, there was a dumpling counter in which we can see the chef wrapping the dumplings. The prawn dumplings were then steamed and served. Last but not least, green tea ice cream was served as dessert to end the night.

Prawn Dumplings

Green Tea Ice Cream

Adelaide Night Noodle Markets is definitely a new benchmark for Adelaide food festival and a great way to start OzAsia Festival. Hence, get your friends quick, visit and dine at the Markets now! Also, hashtag #jointhefeast on social media by posting photos on Instagram of your best feast and you might run a chance of being rewarded with a VIP night at the Night Noodle Markets by the Good Food Month. In addition, don’t forget to get your OzAsia Festival ticket to enjoy the outstanding performances and food! It is going to be a great fun 10 days!

With love, Victoria

Words and Photos by Victoria Yap from Eat, Pray, Love


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  1. ladysharon says:

    Yay! We had the Night Noodle Market for the first time in Canberra this year and it was a huge success – I hope Adelaide embraces it the same way! Sadly we didn’t get Everybody Loves Ramen, but their food looks fabulous!

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