Mlkman App Launch

The team at Adelaide Food Central, along with other bloggers and media, were invited to test out the up and coming food delivery app “Mlkman”. All food and drink were provided free of charge.

Mlkman essentially is a food order and delivery application. Planning and development for the app began in February of this year. The developers tapped into a market of consumers who view time as the new currency. These days people are very busy in between work, running errands, managing family matters and such, which leaves them little time to prepare meals. However, their only easy options are low quality, cheap fast food. But now with the launch of Mlkman, users are now given more options to have high quality meals delivered to their homes, straight from some of Adelaide’s best restaurants. The typical wait time is 45 to 60 minutes after the order has been put through.


The application has two principal aims; to give consumers access to more quality options and for restaurants to utilise this service as another avenue to generate more revenue for them. “It’s like Uber, but for food”. One major difference between Mlkman and other similar apps such as Menu Log and Eat Now is that users are able to track their meal via a real-time tracker that is embedded within the app. Mlkman also has their own delivery network which is different to their competitors.

The team behind Mlkman placed down three core values of their app: radical transparency in which there are no other extra fees other than the meal itself and the one delivery fee. Doing good business in which the team behind the app are conscious of what impact they have on the environment and sought out to use sustainable products where they can. And being customer-centric in which consistent maintenance of both great customer service and customer experiences for users are two important factors that must be underpinned as part of the app’s user experience.


Mlkman is an exciting new step into the future of eating and food delivery in Adelaide. There is great potential here as time-poor consumers are given more choice when it comes to meal variety and don’t have to resort to low quality meals. The application itself is great. It is very simple to use and look at, the interface is clean, and it is very straight forward to use. At the moment deliveries via the application can only be done in the city and North Adelaide. However, the developers are planning to expand within the eastern suburbs and then beyond. With a lot of businesses getting on board, the Mlkman application is sure to win a lot of fans when it is released.

Words by Linh Nguyen


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