Gaucho’s – New Menu Launch

For as long as I can remember, the name Gaucho’s is synonymous with being one of the original and best Argentinian steakhouses in Adelaide. The steaks are still outstanding, as is their patented chimichurri sauce, however, it’s not all that they do. Adelaide Food Central was invited along tonight, along with other guests, to sample some of the new offerings that are on their menu. All food and drink were provided free of charge.


First up was a selection of artisan salumi and house charcuterie with pickled eggplant, mustard and crostini. I don’t remember cured meats ever tasting so good. The slight sourness of the eggplant and the crunchiness of the crostini complimented the meats well with varying flavours and textures.


The baked provolone cheese was difficult to break apart, but once it was in your mouth, it was heavenly. The thick gooey cheese was sharp in taste and complimented by the natural sweetness of the peppers and the slight spiciness of the chimichurri.


The empanada had a light flaky pastry. The black beans were soft but still firm, the spinach was leafy, while the provolone had its distinctive sharp taste. A great combination of ingredients that was full of flavour.


The chorizo was made with pork and fennel, and had lovely chargrilled flavours. I did see large chunks of fat in the sausage but that seemed to make it more tastier.


Of course the night wouldn’t be right without one of their signature steaks. The Bife De Chorizo uses a 450g grain fed New York Strip steak that has been aged for 42 days. The meat was charred on the outside with a light pink centre. The beef was tender and succulent, and combined with the chimichurri sauce, was simply amazing.


The Paella De Mariscos uses a selection of fresh seafood that is oven baked with Calaspara rice, aged chorizo, saffron, paprika and white wine. The seafood was cooked to perfection with the prawns being a real standout. The rice was soft and moist, and it was like the flavours of the ocean were infused into it.

At Gaucho’s they saved the best for last. The Churros were the best that I’ve eaten! They were nice and crunchy on the outside with soft delicate centres. The dipping sauces really worked a treat with my favourite being the salted caramel.


When I came to dinner tonight, I was expecting to be fed a lot of meat. Instead, I was treated to a selection of well executed dishes that used premium quality ingredients and were just as tasty. Gaucho’s has been around for a very long time and there’s a reason why they’re still successful; they know how to serve up great dishes.

Words by Linh Nguyen

WHERE: 91 Gouger St, Adelaide

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