Khang’s Noodles

I recently received some free movie tickets from work and saw this as a opportunity to catch up for dinner with a friend. The Arndale cinemas was the movie destination, and located right behind the complex was Khang’s Noodles. I’ve driven past this place on many occasions and have heard good things.

The restaurant is deceptively large with the dining area being open space that can easily seat over 100 people. The food offerings are fairly extensive with all your traditional Vietnamese fare. Customers can select from entrees noodles soups, dry noodles, rice dishes, mains and desserts.

The customer service was pretty good, although I thought the staff were a little too attentive. We were asked whether we were ready to order 4 times within 10 minutes. When we finally decided, each of us ordered an entree and main.

The service here is fast and efficient, and they bring dishes out as they are made. To our surprise, the mains came out before the entrees.

Pho Tai
Pho Tai

I ordered the medium sized Pho Tai which is Beef Noodle Soup with raw beef slices. Pho lovers will know that it is the quality of the broth that makes a good beef noodle soup. Khang’s Noodles are well known for their Pho, and I was pleased to say that the broth was really good. The fat globules were removed from the top layer and taste was flavourful and not too sweet. Fresh noodles were used, and there was an even proportion of noodles to meat. While the bowl was a considerable size, my only criticism of this dish was that there was too much broth.

Combination Broken Rice
Combination Broken Rice

My friend had the Combination Broken Rice. I was told the dish was good with the exception that normal steamed rice was used instead of broken rice. The average person wouldn’t notice this (or possibly care).

Prawn Fritters
Prawn Fritters

Half way through my main, the entrees came out. I ordered the Prawn Fritters which were deep fried battered prawns that were accompanied by a sweet chilli dipping sauce. Although the prawns were well cooked, the fritters tasted a little bland. The prawns were also a bit on the small side.

Satay Chicken
Satay Chicken

My friend ordered the Satay Chicken which I was fortunate enough to try. Chicken breast was used which is great for the health conscious. Personally, I prefer chicken thigh because the meat is more tender. The chicken was succulent and juicy, and was well complimented by the thick satay sauce.

The food here is cheap. My Pho cost $11 and my friends main was $13. My Prawn Fritters were $6 which equates to $2 a prawn. They weren’t exactly good in both size and taste, so that would suggest they were overpriced.

If anything positive came out from tonight, it would be their Pho. It’s what they do best.

WHERE: 10 Arndale St, Kilkenny




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