Bac Lieu

Located in the outer Western suburb of Woodville, Bac Lieu offers traditional Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. With a medium sized dining room, Bac Lieu has recently been refurbished with wooden double doors opening onto the footpath.

Bac Lieu offers an option of dine-in, delivery or pickup, with menu pricing very reasonable. Lunch specials are only $9.50, including: Lemon Chicken with Rice, Thai Fried Rice, Pad Thai and Won Ton Noodle Soup.

Entrees are anywhere from $3.00-$11.50, with Spring Rolls (3) ($5.00), Deep Fried Quail with Chilli Sauce (2pcs) ($7.90) and Wonton Soup With Seafood ($12.50).

Main meals range from $12.50-$18.00, including: Sweet and Sour Pork ($12.50), Seafood Thai Red Curry ($16.50), Sizzling Chicken with Blackbean Sauce ($15.50) and Stir Fried Beef With Cashew Nuts ($12.50).

Aside from the traditional cuisine, Bac Lieu also combines dishes to create their own signature recipes. These dishes are packed with flavour, such as: Chargrilled Salmon Salad, Hot and Sour Seafood Soup and Crispy Chicken Mee Noodle Soup. Other than food, a range of soft drinks, alcohol and Vietnamese style coffees are available. The customer service is exceptional, with friendly and helpful staff, making for a relaxed atmosphere.

Hanoi Spring Rolls
Hanoi Spring Rolls
To start off with, we had traditional Vietnamese style Hanoi Spring Rolls. Instead of being wrapped in pastry, Bac Lieu has adopted the traditional approach used in most of Vietnam, of a rice paper exterior. The rice paper was cooked to a crunchy golden brown and the meat and vegetable filling was full of flavour. The dish is eaten in traditional Vietnamese style, by wrapping a lettuce leaf and herbs around the spring roll and dipping it in the sweet sauce.

Crispy Chicken Mee Noodle Soup
Crispy Chicken Mee Noodle Soup
Our second entrée, Crispy Chicken Mee Noodle Soup is the perfect winter warmer. The chicken was tender, with a light crispy exterior and both the noodles and bok choy were well cooked. The salty broth perfectly combined all the flavours.

Chargrilled Salmon Salad
Chargrilled Salmon Salad
The Chargrilled Salmon Salad is one of Bac Lieu’s own creations. The summer dish is full of tangy flavours, combining a beautifully cooked salmon, with a chargrilled exterior and a pinkish centre, with vegetables and a range of seasonal fruit. It’s the fruit that makes this dish, with grapes and slices of apples and oranges adding a refreshing zest. A spicy chilli sauce is drizzled over the dish, adding a kick.

Chicken and Mushroom Claypot
Chicken and Mushroom Claypot
Another one for the winter menu is the Chicken and Mushroom Claypot, a very rustic home-style dish. The chicken, again, was tender and succulent, the mushrooms firm and chewy and the rice a beautiful fluffy texture. On top lay a sunny side up egg, the yolk oozing through the dish.

Vietnamese Affogato
Vietnamese Affogato
For dessert, we were treated to a Vietnamese Affogato. Vietnamese coffee was poured on top of the smooth ice cream and finished with almonds and shredded coconut. The dessert included fresh fruit and a shot of baileys in the bottom. The affogato was beautifully presented in a sundae glass, and decorated with wafer sticks. The different textures of this dessert complimented each other well.

Bac Lieu provides a wonderful dining experience, full of authentic Vietnamese and Thai flavours, definitely one to try!

Words by Esther Reynolds-Verco from A Little Dainty

WHERE: 15 Kilkenny Rd, Woodville

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*Adelaide Food Central was invited to eat at Bac Lieu. All food and drinks were provided free of charge.



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