Little Miss Dive Shop

From the same people that brought you Little Miss Mexico, Little Miss Miami and Crab Shack, comes their latest nautical themed project, Little Miss Dive Shop. With the drinks outnumbering the food offerings on the menu, it’s safe to say this place is more of a bar than anything else. Their small snacks include Fried Pickles & Jalapenos, Pork Popcorn and Grilled Sweet Corn. If you’re looking for something more substantial, they’ve got you covered as well with Cheese Burgers, Cuban Sandwiches and Fish Tacos.

Inside Entrance
Inside Entrance

Tonight, I ordered the Dive Shop Double Cheese Burger. With a double serving of Coorong Angus beef, this burger is a meat lovers paradise. The patties were slightly charred on the outside but had perfectly pink centres. The meat was well seasoned, juicy and succulent. The American cheese was perfectly melted over the patties and was good for the photos. The natural sweetness of the red onion was well balanced by the sourness of the dill pickles. The bun was firm enough to hold all the ingredients with the only criticism being the top part of the bun was a little burnt.

Dive Shop Double Cheeseburger
Dive Shop Double Cheeseburger

The staff were friendly and the service was fast and efficient. The atmosphere was relaxed although it would be a lot more vibrant had it been a Friday or Saturday night. The cost the burger was $17 which wasn’t too bad considering the size of the burger and the fact that it came with a serving of chips. The small sides start from $5 and the big eats $14.

I’d more likely come to the Little Miss Dive Shop for a drink rather than food, but having said that, their Cheese Burger was pretty good.

WHERE: 74 Frome St, Adelaide



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  1. ladysharon says:

    This looks like such a fun place!

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