Naya Bar

At the same location that was once The Editor Dessert and Wine Bar, is Naya, a new cocktail bar. With a food menu that switches from sweet to spicy, anybody that has been to the Spice Kitchen up north would already be familiar with the offerings. Customers get a choice of nibbles, small plates to share, or more substantial mains. There are also three desserts on offer, the most interesting being the Chocolate Samosa, which is a variation to the Chocolate Spring Roll. As far as drinks go, there are a small selection of wines, beer, cider and spirits.



Nothing much has really changed since it was The Editor. Of course there is so much you can do with a narrow and confined space. It is nicely presented for what it is.



First up was the Onion Bhaji. These crunchy onion fritters were bound together by a lightly spiced and fragrant chickpea batter. A great snack to start the night off.

Onion Bhaji

Onion Bhaji

Next were the Sticky Sesame Chicken Soft Taco. The tacos were a bit firmer than expected but folding them was still possible. As for the filling, I was expecting some Asian style sweet sesame chicken but instead experienced something more savoury and lightly spiced. The chicken was tender and succulent, and the dish itself wasn’t too bad.

Sticky Sesame Chicken Soft Taco

Sticky Sesame Chicken Soft Taco

The Spiced Fish and Chips was like the Indian interpretation of the western favourite. Deep fried in a spicy batter, the morsels of fish were a dark golden brown. I did feel the fish was slightly over cooked. The chips were nice and crunchy, and topped with cashew nuts and sesame seeds.

Spiced Fish and Chips

Spiced Fish and Chips

The Tandoor Roasted Beef tasted just like normal roast beef. The only think Indian about it was that it was cooked in a tandoor oven. The beef slices had nice pinkish centres, and would have tasted better had they come out warm. It was served with a chilli and herb gremolata which didn’t have much affect on the taste.

Tandoor Roasted Beef

Tandoor Roasted Beef

I can’t think of many bars that offer Indian inspired dishes with your drink, so perhaps that’s a first. Service was good and the atmosphere was vibrant with the upbeat tunes playing in the background. As far as price goes, nibbles start at $5, shared plates $8 and mains $25. Two of us ordered one nibble and three share plates at a total cost of $43.

It will be interesting to see how this place fares with all the other bars around the place. One thing in their favour are the $10 Espresso Martinis available on Friday nights. I’ll definitely be back for that!

WHERE: 2/24 Waymouth St, Adelaide



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