Veggo Sizzle

Vegetarian and Vegan eateries are all the rage at the moment as people look for healthier food options when dining out. The latest to join the ranks is Veggo Sizzle which is located close to the corner of King William and Halifax Streets. The menu offerings are simple and straight forward with a selection of appetisers, salads, BFS’s (Bread, Filling and Sauce), dips, sizzlers and desserts.


This quaint little cafe is not particularly large and can seat just under 30 people. There is plenty of natural light that flows through and the windows open up to provide good ventilation.


For dinner, I had the Spicy Rice. As their name has the word “sizzle” in it, I thought it was appropriate to order one of their sizzling dishes. The dish arrived 15 minutes after ordering and arrived on a hot iron plate which is normally seen at Chinese restaurants.

The rice was very mushy and typical of too much water being added during the cooking process. The capsicum provided hints of sourness and the onions some natural sweetness, and there was the odd bit of heat here and there, but otherwise the dish was very bland.

Spicy Rice
Spicy Rice

The staff were friendly and the service was good. The atmosphere was relaxed and the pricing was good. The most expensive dish at this place is $10, which was the cost of the Spicy Rice. I’ve been to my fair share of vegetarian and vegan places but I’d have to say the dish I had was fairly ordinary. I’m willing to give this place another try, but I’m in no hurry to come back.

WHERE: 358 King William St, Adelaide




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