Down The Rabbit Hole – Secret Garden Party

For Friends and Lovers a Place Exists
Another World of Joy and Bliss
Beyond the Stars, Space and Time
To Enter, Show the Secret Sign
The Moon is Bright, Revive Your Soul
Come Join Us Down The Rabbit Hole

For the first of what will be a series of pop up cellar door and bar events, Down The Rabbit Hole Wines invited guests to “come for dinner, come for drinks and stay all night” in a whimsical Summer garden.

There was an overwhelming response to this event and tickets sold out faster than a Beyoncé concert (nice work Adelaide). If you missed out this time, not to worry, organisers promised the next event in a few months would be in a bigger location.

The location was revealed on registration to guests, which made the event feel like an authentic secret garden. Tenth and Gibson, a warehouse in Bowden was transformed into a garden for one night only.

Down The Rabbit Hole is a relatively new wine label, launching seven months ago that aims to “inspire imagination with an attitude of adventure, inviting drinkers to join in on something special”.  The team behind the label relies on winemaker Walter Clappis to bring their passion to life.

Wine is a popular pass time and social activity for many which is why Down The Rabbit Hole wanted to hold an event where people could enjoy wine in the company of friends.

Down The Rabbit Hole
Down The Rabbit Hole

I spotted the bright DTRH letters out the front when I pulled up and was instantly excited to have my Alice in Wonderland moment and go journeying down the rabbit hole, which was actually the way into the event. I was blown away by what we were greeted with.

The Secret Garden
The Secret Garden

Stepping into scenery so gorgeous you could frame it, I remember thinking, I don’t think were in Kansas anymore. The hard working team behind the event made many of the decorations themselves. Their aim was to give off a classy summer backyard soiree feel. Gorgeous outdoor chairs, tables, picnic rugs and cushions filled the room so guests could sit down together in intimate groups.

There was also a swing decorated with green vines and big enough to hold multiple people for cute squad photos. Speaking of Instagram, if guests hashtagged DTRH15, a ‘magic’ printer provided by Modern Party Hire gave guests little printed Instagram photos to take home as keepsakes.

Free wine tastings were available and I’m not going to hide the fact I went back to the counter multiple times with my empty glass. Three wines were on offer for both tasting and at the bar. The Shiraz was elegant and flavorsome and the Tempranillo was smooth but the light and fruity Sauvignon Blanc was the standout for me.

Matt from Down The Rabbit Hole explained to us that a line from the poem on the back of every bottle represents a different wine. “When people read the poem, we want them to be a part of it” he explained while pouring a glass of Shiraz. “Wine takes time, but we spend that time to get it just right”.

Picnic Basket
Picnic Basket

Also on offer at the bar was sangria, cider and a zero carb beer. The sangria came in an adorable teapot with mini teacups for sharing with friends. A picnic basket filled with cheese, crackers, quince paste, scrolls and with or without a bottle of wine was also available for purchase on the night.

For those a little hungry, the Mullygrub food truck from McLaren Vale was serving up Mushroom Gnocchi, Fish Tacos and a Crispy Pork Belly Bun.

Mushroom Gnocchi
Mushroom Gnocchi

I had the Mushroom Gnocchi, which featured Fleurieu pine mushrooms, kale and pine nuts. Originally the dish was served with cheddar foam but unfortunately something went wrong on the night so Parmesan was used to compensate. No complaints here though. The gnocchi was soft and just about melted in my mouth.

Crispy Pork Belly Burger
Crispy Pork Belly Bun

Lee had the Crispy Pork Belly Bun with Asian slaw and sesame and peanut dressing. The pork was well marinated and full of flavour. The crispy texture of the meat was complimented by the crunchy slaw, and heightened by the tasty dressing.

Mullygrub were also serving little tastings of their signature Mushroom Soup, which I may have liked too much. Lee and I had about five samples each throughout the night.

The night featured live music by artists Georgia Carey and The Timbers and guests needed no encouragement to dance the night away.

When it was finally time to leave, we danced our way out, had one more swing ride and sat in the car, happy and content with life. Thank you Down the Rabbit Hole for a magical night filled with adventure, wine and swing rides.

Fantastic wine, delicious food, and great company, when’s the next one?

Words by Taylah Minchington


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  1. ladysharon says:

    Wow, looks like a great event! What clever marketing!

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