North Indian Cuisine – Glenelg

Anybody that has been down Hindley Street would already be familiar with the generically named North Indian Cuisine. Their latest store to open its doors is located down the Jetty Road cafe precinct and has the same offerings as their sister store. Customers can choose from 9 meat curries, 10 vegetarian curries and a selection of entrees and naan breads. It is predominantly a take away store but all the popular Indian offerings are there.


For lunch, I ordered a selection of 3 curries (Beef Vindaloo, Lamb Korma and Butter Chicken) with rice. Served on a bed of white rice, I was impressed by the generous servings of the curries. The plate was like a small mountain and I could barely see the rice. The Beef Vindaloo was my favourite; nice lean tender chunks of beef which packed some serious heat. The Butter Chicken had lovely smokey flavours, while the Lamb Korma was more mildly spiced.

Beef Vindalo, Lamb Korma, Butter Chicken
Beef Vindalo, Lamb Korma, Butter Chicken

One of my favourite sides would have to be the Meat Samosa. Surprisingly enough, there are few places that offer the meat samosa with the vegetarian variety being more common. The pastry was nice and firm, and not too oily. The filling was full of well flavoured curried minced beef which tantalised the taste buds.

Beef Samosa
Beef Samosa

The staff were really friendly and the service was good. For an Indian take away place, I was impressed by the quality of their dishes, the generous serving sizes and their realistic price point. The 3 curries with rice set me back $10.50 and the portion sizes were equivalent to what I’d get at a restaurant. Again, the Meat Samosa was $2.50 and if I were to order this somewhere else, it would be at least double.

I can think of 3 Indian restaurants within the Glenelg area, but as far as Indian take away goes, this one is a winner.

WHERE: 41 Jetty Rd, Glenelg




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