Cold Rolls 2 Go

Adelaide Food Central was invited to sample some of the offerings at Cold Rolls 2 Go. All food and drink were provided free of charge.

Vietnamese street food is all the rage at the moment with new eateries opening up all over Adelaide. In line with the current trend is Cold Rolls 2 Go, which is a small kiosk tucked away inside Rundle Mall Plaza. At the time of writing, there were 6 types of cold rolls to choose from ranging from the Traditional Pork and Prawn combination to the vegetarian friendly Veggie Tofu. On top of that they have two types of Vietnamese salad bowls, dim sims and sushi.


An issue I have with cold rolls from other places is the lack of choice. At Cold Rolls 2 Go, customers can choose from a selection of freshly made rolls with 6 different dipping sauce to choose from. Some of my favourites were the Traditional Pork and Prawn; generous portions of lean tender pork and juicy prawn slices mixed with delicate rice noodles and wrapped in firm rice paper. The Sesame Beef was also good with succulent slices of well marinated beef. If you’re looking for something different, the Chicken Pineapple provides a perfect sweet and savoury combination. The dipping sauce that I chose was the Peanut Sauce. A lovely thick consistency with crunchy bits of peanut thrown into the mix, it really added depth to the cold rolls.

Assorted Cold Rolls
Assorted Cold Rolls

The Chicken Salad Bowl was very generous in size. The chicken thigh pieces were well marinated, tender and succulent, and combined very well with the fresh vegetables and herbs. Even the the pickled carrot was sweet, tangy and crunchy. It seems this place does everything right.

Chicken Salad Bowl
Chicken Salad Bowl

The staff were really friendly and accommodating, and it was obvious that they were really good at what they do. The location is like a food court but without the noisy crowds. The cold rolls start from $2.70 and the salad bowls are $7.50 which is pretty much on par with other places.

I thought the food here was great and not too dissimilar to what I’d make at home. If you’re ever in the area, it’s worth giving this place a try.

PS: They’re introducing Vietnamese Rolls soon so I will definitely be back!

WHERE: Kiosk C, Rundle Mall Plaza, Adelaide

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