Jiving Monkey

Jiving Monkey is a cafe located within a small complex in the well to do suburb of St Peters. The menu is primarily Vietnamese with cold rolls, noodle soups, vermicelli rice, broken rice and Vietnamese salads, however, they also do some Chinese and Malay dishes.


The decor at this place would be classed traditional with a feature wall made from bamboo sticks, artwork and unique furry stools. The space is small with seating for less than 20, but there is plenty of natural light flowing through it’s narrow frontage.


For lunch, I ordered the Chicken Pad Thai. The dish was ready within 10 minutes of ordering and was nicely presented. The noodles were firm and not stuck together which indicated they were well cooked. Chicken breast pieces were used in the dish but they were dry and over cooked. The vegetables used were fresh and crisp, and the bean sprouts and peanuts added a nice crunchy texture. The dish was a reddish orange colour and should have been a bit browner. The taste was a bit sweeter than expected which indicates too much tomato sauce was added and not enough soy sauce.

Chicken Pad Thai
Chicken Pad Thai

My friend had the Vietnamese Tofu Salad. She said the vegetables were fresh and crisp, although the Italian lettuce leaf seemed out of place. Other than that, it was quite enjoyable.

Vietnamese Tofu Salad
Vietnamese Tofu Salad

The staff were really friendly and the service was fast and efficient. We did question the cleanliness as the table we were sitting at was unusually sticky. The atmosphere was relaxed although there weren’t too many people around when we were there. The cost of the Pad Thai was $12.50 and the Vietnamese Salad $9.90, which were both reasonable for a suburban cafe. The most expensive dish on their menu is $15.50 which makes this place ideal for a cheap feed.

We both agreed that the dining experience was average.

WHERE: 2/66 Sixth Ave, St Peters




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