At the location that was once Un Caffe Bar, is the new temporary pop-up cafe, Colab. Made possible by Renew Adelaide, the team behind Colab are some well known names in Adelaide hospitality circles. The cafe offers an all day menu with some tried and true classic dishes.


The whole interior at Colab was put together in a single weekend. The reclaimed timber, artwork and greenery all come together to create a warm and inviting space. The floor to ceiling windows allow plenty of natural light to flow through, and is perfect for people watching if you’re sitting along the window bench.


Today, I ordered the ABCLT which stands for Avocado, Bacon, Coffee Mayonnaise, Lettuce and Tomato. Ready after a 15 minute wait, the dish was nicely presented. The mashed avocado was soft and delicate, while the bacon could have been fried a bit longer. The lettuce was fresh and crisp, and the thin tomato slices were ripe and juicy. The use of coffee mayonnaise was an interesting twist, but it didn’t taste any different to the normal variety.


The staff were friendly and the service was good. The atmosphere was relaxed, although there weren’t too many people about on this particular morning. There are only 5 items on the menu which range from $4.50 to $12.50, with the cost of the ABCLT being $9.50, which I thought was reasonable.

A conveniently located cafe which is exposed to plenty of foot traffic. Their light and simple meals should see them do well.


WHERE: 1 King William St, Adelaide




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