Mediterranean Mezza

Before I visit a place, I like to read about the experiences of others, particularly on Urbanspoon. Past customers seem to be divided as they either loved it or hated it. I’ve actually been to Mediterranean Mezza for an event but didn’t actually try any of their food. One thing in their favour was that the establishment was under new management, so perhaps some of their negative reviews were a thing of the past.

Mediterranean Mezza offers a variety of dishes from nearby countries in the region. There is a selection of charcoaled meats, bruschetta, pizza, salads and mains (which are very similar to your pub classics).


Mediterranean Mezza is certainly one of the larger establishments down Melbourne Street. It’s one large open space full of dining tables and chairs that flows onto the verandah area. There is a long bar down one side which leads into the kitchen. It’s situated on a corner so there’s plenty of natural light flowing through the frontages.


For lunch, I ordered the Lamb Shaslick. The dish took 20 minutes to arrive but was nicely presented. The lamb was lean and well marinated but cooked on the charcoals for too long. The exterior was black in colour and the inside was dry. It came with a side of chips that could have fried a bit longer, and a fresh crisp salad that had a bit too much vinaigrette dressing.

Lamb Shaslick
Lamb Shaslick

My friend had the Chicken Avocado. Fortunate enough to have a taste, the chicken was really tender and succulent, and smothered in a smooth creamy delicate avocado sauce.

Chicken Avocado
Chicken Avocado

Apart from the service being a bit slow, everything else was alright. Drinks arrived promptly and were refilled, and dishes were cleared as we finished. The Lamb Shaslick was $17.90 and the Chicken Avocado $20.90, which is on par with other cafes and pretty good considering it’s location. The atmosphere was relaxed, although there weren’t many shops open on a Easter Saturday.

We both thought the dishes were average at best and indicative of the entire experience.

WHERE: 98 Melbourne St, North Adelaide




Mediterranean Mezza Cafe on Urbanspoon


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