Cafe 82

For anyone that follows me on Instagram, they would know that Grange Beach is my favourite place to be as the sun goes down. Fortunate for me, there are two Thai cafes, one very close to the beach front, and the other, Cafe 82, located towards the end of Grange Road, a bit further away from the foreshore.

Between 8am and 11am, Cafe 82 offers a small selection of western breakfast dishes. In the past, Thai food was only served in the evenings, but now that has recently flowed onto lunch. The lunch offerings are not large by any means but there’s enough choice to keep people happy. Customers get to choose from noodles, fried rice, Thai beef tacos, salt and pepper squid, salads, wraps and small snacks.


Filled with low hanging light fittings and cafe style chairs and tables, you probably wouldn’t pick this place to be a Thai cafe. There’s a good amount of seating on the inside and a few extra out on the pavement. Located on a nice corner position with floor to ceiling windows, there is plenty of natural light that flows through. The even have blinds to block out the glare.


For lunch, I had the Pad Thai. The dish arrived after a 10 minute wait and was nicely presented. The noodles were broken up into small pieces and were over cooked. Instead of being firm and chewy, they were soft and gluggy. Chicken thigh pieces were used and they were also over cooked. The fried egg was well distributed and the beansprouts and peanuts were added later, and provided a nice crunchy texture. When I asked for chilli, I received chilli flakes instead of fresh chilli. I guess it didn’t matter because the end result was the same. As for flavour, it was spot on, although Pad Thai’s usually have a reddish brown tinge instead of the light brown colour of this dish.

Pad Thai
Pad Thai

The staff were friendly and the service was fast and efficient. The atmosphere was relaxed and the pricing was above average. Pad Thai is not expensive to make, and most places will charge between $10-$12 for a lunchtime meal. The cost here was $15 and the portion size was roughly three quarters of what I expected. The flavours were just right but they faltered on the execution.

WHERE: 665 Grange Rd, Grange




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