Big Shed Brewing Co – Launch Party

Adelaide Food Central was invited to the launch of the Big Shed Brewing Co. All food and drinks were provided free of charge.

Back in 2002, Jason Harris and Craig Basford began their brewing in a “big shed” out in the Barossa. These two passionate beer lovers wanted to share their crafty brew with the larger population, so over the past decade, they’ve transitioned from a home shed to a large industrial warehouse at Royal Park.


Most people don’t even know where the Big Shed Brewing Co. is located, and from the outside of the premises, it just looks like a standard office and warehouse. Once you walk in, it’s a whole different story. The warehouse has all the equipment required for a commercial volume brewery with a four vessel brewhouse, four 20 hectolitre fermenters, 20 hectolitre hot and cold liquor tanks and a 10 hectolitre mash tun and kettle.


Three of their popular beers are the Californicator, F Yeah and Frankenbrown.

The Californicator is an American West Coast IPA (India Pale Ale). The combination of old and new hop varieties creates notes of citrus, pine, apricot and passionfruit. As with all their other beers, the alcohol content is higher than normal but you still get the intensity of the hops.

The F Yeah is an American Pale Ale and is one my favourites. Like all grain beers, a pale malt used as a basis for brewing from scratch. Aromatic and biscuit malts are then used to create a solid foundation for this great tasting beer. The hops are added at the beginning and end to balance out the bitterness and create a lovely citrus flavour.

The Frankenbrown is an American Brown Ale. The beer uses a high percentage of specialty grains that brings out strong flavours of malt, biscuit and coffee. The aroma and bitterness comes from adding hops during the boil and afterwards to add that extra flavour.

The Beers
The Beers

Big Shed Brewing Co. have already increased their profile across the local market by selling their own unique brands of craft beers and ciders. For Jason and Craig, it’s not just about the quality and having their beer products on the market, it’s all about the experience when people drink their beer. With the growing market for craft beers and the location of the brewery being so close to the Semaphore cafe precinct, the Big Shed Brewing Co. is ideally located and should see them do well.

WHERE: 13/2 Brandwood St, Royal Park


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