Jan’s Fish and Chickery

Jan’s Fish and Chickery is located within a small shopping complex on the corner of Diagonal Road and Cliff Street in Glenelg East. Their main offerings are roast chicken, fish, burgers and salads, among other snacks.


The store itself is very basic. The menu isn’t written in one place but along walls and counter tops where signs would fit. There’s no dine in facilities inside but there are a couple of tables outside the entrance.


To put it politely, the Chicken Burger did not look very appealing. There were only 4 ingredients in this burger; the bun, roast chicken, lettuce and mayonnaise. The bun was tough and chewy, the lettuce looked old and wilted and the mayonnaise was the cheap supermarket variety that had no tangy sweetness at all. The star of the show was the roast chicken which was provided in nice thick chunks and was tender and succulent. The Chicken Burger wasn’t very good and that’s all that I’ll say.

Chicken Burger
Chicken Burger

The staff were friendly and the service was good. The cost of the Chicken Burger was $5.90, which, without seeing it, appears to be good value. Unfortunately, you pay for what you get.

WHERE: Corner Diagonal Rd and Cliff St, Glenelg East




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