Andy Groneman – BBQ Master Class

Adelaide Food Central was invited to a BBQ Masterclass instructed by US Grand Pit-Master Champion, Andy Groneman. A 25 time BBQ Grand Champion, Andy is one of America’s finest Pit-Masters, and teaches across America and around the world. A select number of people were privileged to watch him prepare select cuts of meat and salmon, marinate and then cook them. All food and drinks were provided free of charge.

Andy Groneman
Andy Groneman

Some of the instruments of Andy’s success lies with the use of Yoder Smokers Wood Fired Pellet Grills. For the same amount of time it would take to cook something on a gas grill, these new wood fired grills can achieve the same result but with the added wood fired smokey flavours. Using natural hardwood pellets, food can be cooked from temperatures ranging from 70 to 300 degrees. This is the largest temperature range for any wood fired pellet grill available on the market and is their point of difference.

Yoder Hardwood Pellet BBQs
Yoder Smokers Wood Fired Pellet Grills

First up was the Smoked Chorizo. The smokey flavours were undeniably good and it really sets the benchmark for how chorizo should taste.

Smoked Chorizo
Smoked Chorizo

The Beef Brisket Burnt Ends had a mild mustard flavour without the heat. The meat was tender and fell apart quite easily. For anyone that enjoys the crispy bits on a roasted pork belly, these burnt ends will also give you the same satisfaction.

Beef Brisket Burnt Ends
Beef Brisket Burnt Ends

It’s interesting how a different cut of the brisket will produce a slightly different texture and flavour. The Beef Brisket Point Ends were more succulent than the burnt ends and I thought the flavours were more subtle.

Beef Brisket Point End
Beef Brisket Point Ends

The Beef Brisket Navel Ends was drier than the previous two briskets. In this one, the mustard flavours were a bit stronger.

Brisket Navel End
Beef Brisket Navel Ends

The Jalapeno Glazed Lamb Loins were simply amazing. The meat was well marinated and perfectly cooked. The lamb was so soft and delicate, it simply melted in your mouth. The jalapeno is spicy in it’s normal form, but when cooked, it loses much of its heat. What you end up with is a subtle sweetness in the meat attributed to the wildflower honey inside the glaze.

Beef Brisket Navel End
Jalapeno Glazed Lamb Loin

The Mango Jalapeno Glazed Cedar Smoked Salmon was some of the best salmon I’ve ever had. Using cedar planks that have been soaked in water, the salmon fillets are placed on top and then marinated. Again the jalapeno loses much of its heat during the cooking process, and the subtle sweetness of the mango combines well with the smokey flavours that come from the cedar plank. The salmon was soft and delicate, and each bite was rather heavenly.

Cedar Smoked Salmon
Mango Jalapeno Glazed Cedar Smoked Salmon

The type of pigs we have in Australia are smaller and different to the ones in America. In order to have meaty pork ribs, you end up having a useless pork belly section which ends up costing an extra $3 per kilogram. Then there is the process of preparing the meat. The excess fat needs to be trimmed, the brisket bone needs to be removed and the membrane has to be peeled. This leaves a rib with a consistent thickness that ensures even cooking.

The Champion Pork Ribs were simply the best I’ve ever had. The meat was well marinated, tender and succulent, and the meat simply fell off the bone. The glaze applied had a subtle sweetness which allowed you to keep on eating them. Pity there was only one rib per person.

Championship Pork Ribs
Championship Pork Ribs

To get award winning barbecued meats, there are many things that you need to get right. The right cuts of meat need to be properly prepared, marinated with the right ingredients, and then cooked for the right amount of time in the right instruments. Get one of these things wrong and you’re not getting the true taste of perfection.

It was a privilege to see Andy Groneman in action today. Keen to share his knowledge, he is a true master in what he does. The many championships to his name are a testament to his skills and ability. I will never look at barbecued meats the same after today.

WHERE: National Wine Centre, Corner North Terrace and Hackney Roads



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