Good Life Pizza – Glenelg

I’m no stranger to Good Life Pizza as I’m a frequent customer at their Hutt Street store in the city. Thankfully they have another store down in Glenelg which gives me access to their delicious tasting pizzas. Sure, their pizzas are not exactly the cheapest, but they support the local economy by using local ingredients, and the flour and toppings are organic, which is good for your health. They also have a range of Lunchtime Pockets, which I’ve been dying to try and they come with all the same toppings as the traditional pizza version.


The Glenelg Store is located upstairs and is considerably more spacious than the Hutt Street store in the city. Located on a nice corner position, it has dining spaces on two balcony areas and is exposed to a healthy amount of natural light.


For lunch, I ordered the Free-Range Chicken Lunchtime Pocket. I liken the Pocket to the Good Life version of a calzone. It appears to be a 9 inch pizza that has been cut in half and then folded into two separate pockets. The meal arrived after a 15 minute wait and was well presented. I was actually surprised by the serving size and how generous it was.

Like their normal pizzas, these Pockets were just as good. The morsels of chicken were well marinated, tender and succulent, and had lovely flavours. The organic baby potatoes were firm but well cooked through, and the garlic and rosemary gave the Pockets more depth. I particularly liked how the shaved parmesan was used as a topping as it’s sharp taste rounded everything off quite well.

The Pockets came with a serving of Garden Salad which had vegetables that were fresh and crisp, and the vinaigrette dressing applied was just right.

Free-Range Chicken Lunchtime Pockets
Free-Range Chicken Lunchtime Pockets

Today, I was served by Polly who provided excellent service. Without even asking, she brought over the daily newspaper for me to read. The drinks and meal arrived promptly, and the empty plate was cleared as soon as I finished. She even had time for a chat just to see how my meal was and how my day was going.

The atmosphere was relaxed and the pricing was very reasonable. The cost of the Lunchtime Pockets, which are only available during the week, are $13.90. Considering you get the same quality toppings as the pizza version at a cheaper price, you really can’t go wrong.

I can’t wait for my next visit to Good Life Pizza. These Lunchtime Pockets are now my meal of choice for lunch during the week.

WHERE: 44 Jetty Rd, Glenelg




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