Chickens on Diagonal

Every suburb in Adelaide has at least one local Chicken shop. For Warradale, it’s Chickens on Diagonal, which is located in a small complex on Diagonal Road. The menu is fairly stock standard with chickens, burgers, seafood, salads and hot packs.


The chicken shop is fairly neat and well presented. One interesting point about this place is that all the tables and chairs are firmly attached to the floor.


For lunch, I ordered the Combination AB. The meal was ready after a 10 minute wait and had good presentation. The chicken and lamb were both lean, well marinated, tender and succulent, although there was a lot more chips than there was meat. Advertised as selling the best chips in South Australia, they were of the thin variety, and were nice and crunchy, even after having been exposed to the sauces. The garlic sauce had a nice thick consistency, and the amount of sauces applied was just right.

Combination AB
Combination AB

The staff were very friendly and the service was good. Customers usually have to use a plastic fork which is flimsy and cumbersome, but without asking, the owner gave me a metallic fork to use. The atmosphere was relaxed and the pricing is on par with other chicken shops. The large Combination AB set me back $14.90, which is fairly average. The quality of the ingredients was very good and the serving size was sufficient to keep you going throughout the day.

One of the better chicken shops around.

WHERE: 111B Diagonal Rd, Warradale




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