Lickety Chick

The start of the Fringe has seen numerous pop-up food vendors come out of the woodwork. Anyone venturing out to Surrender this year will no doubtedly come across Lickety Chick, which is the only place serving food at this location. There are exactly 8 items to choose from and include a chicken or mushroom burger, a beef or vegetarian san choy bow, chicken wings, pizza, corn and fries.


From the outside, Lickety Chick looks like an open cage but the whole pop up stall utilises a portable kitchen setup from The Vendor. The kitchen fits on a 4×4 trailer and consists of a wood oven, wok, spit and BBQ pit. In addition to the trailer, there is also the infinity grill, which is a 5m long portable charcoal pit.

Pop Up Stall
Pop Up Stall

I ordered the Chicken Royale which contains chopped grilled chicken, bacon, pickled celery, smokey mayonnaise and leafy greens. The chicken was well marinated, tender and succulent with wonderful smokey flavours that were further enhanced by the mayonnaise. The bacon was fried until crispy and the pickled celery was tangy with a lovely crunchy texture. The greens were fresh and crisp, and the glossy Breadtop bun held all the ingredients in well.

The side of Fries that came with the meal was actually better than the burger. The French Fries were nice and crispy, and the chicken salt added just made the chips outstanding.

Chicken Royale
Chicken Royale

My friend had the Cajun Wings which came with pickled lime, coriander, radish and greens. The chicken was well seasoned, and tender and succulent. The meat had lovely smokey flavours which is what was expected.

Cajun Wings
Cajun Wings

We couldn’t stop thinking about the Fries so we ordered another serve. They were just so good.


The staff were friendly and the service was fast and efficient. The burger with chips, and the wings were both $15, while the individual serve of fries was $6. The prices were higher than average, but when there are no other places at Surrender to eat, you just have to surrender and fork over the extra cash.

WHERE: North Terrace, Adelaide




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  1. Vicki says:

    I want to know where lickety chick usually sells this magnificent food. Yummmmmmmm

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