Blue Fish

Blue Fish is a local seafood and chicken shop situated in a small shopping complex on Brighton Road in Brighton. Their offerings are typical of this type of store with fried seafood, roast chicken, burgers, hot dogs, steak sandwiches, yiros and salads.


The decor is neat and well presented, and the floor to ceiling windows allow plenty of natural light through. There are a handful of seats both inside and out.


For lunch, I ordered the Chicken Schnitzel Pack which comes with chips, peas and gravy. The dish was ready after a 15 minute wait and was nicely presented.

The chicken schnitzel came as a serving of two, were covered in panko crumbs and fried to a nice golden brown. The chicken breast pieces were thinner than expected and were well marinated. The gravy had a nice thick consistency and was very light in flavour. The chips were of a medium cut and were fried until nice and crisp.

Chicken Schnitzel Pack
Chicken Schnitzel Pack

The staff were friendly and the service was good. The atmosphere was relaxed and the pricing was average. The cost of lunch was $12.50 which is roughly what I would pay elsewhere.

Just another typical suburban chicken shop in my opinion.

WHERE: 1/430 Brighton Rd, Brighton




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