Raw Life Living Foods

With the introduction of raw desserts, people can now enjoy delicious tasty desserts without the guilt. Raw Life Living Foods has a stall in The Market Shed once a fortnight and offers chocolates, cakes and sweets that are completely organic, raw, vegan, sugar, dairy and gluten free.


Today, I had the Raspberry Choc Raw Cheesecake. The bottom and top middle layers were made from raw chocolate almond which are the same ingredients used in protein balls. The middle layer is a light and delicate raspberry which had a lovely thick consistency. The combination of crunchiness and subtle sweetness were a match made in heaven. Coupled with the fact that this dessert is good for you makes it all worth while.

Raspberry Choc Raw Cake
Raspberry Choc Raw Cheesecake

The staff were friendly and the service was very good. Their pricing is slightly cheaper than other places with raw cheesecake slices starting at $5 and protein balls at $3. This particularly cheesecake slice was $7 which was well worth the cost.

The Raw Life Living Foods stall makes an appearance at The Market Shed once a fortnight. If Sunday mornings are too early for you, their products are available at select cafes and organic health food stores around Adelaide.

WHERE: 1 Holland St, Adelaide




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