Brighton Jetty Bakery

Brighton Jetty Bakery is one of the few bakeries that I know of which offers ocean views from the outdoor seating area. On top of that, they offer a decent selection of pies, pasties, breads, coffee, dessert, and even a vegan menu, all of which is made fresh daily.


There are half a dozen seats just in front of the counter area, but where you really want to sit is along the pavement  area with the ocean views. The outdoor seating is shaded which protects you from the sun and the rain, but at the time I was there, there was a strong westerly breeze that was difficult to avoid.


To start off, I had the Steak and Shiraz Pie which was encased in a flaky golden pastry. There were nice lean chunks of delicate tender beef coated in a thick gelatinous gravy that had prominent notes of shiraz. The flavour is a bit of an acquired taste and was a bit too salty for my liking.

Steak and Shiraz Pie
Steak and Shiraz Pie

The Hills Cider Chicken Pie didn’t have the same height as the other pie but it still had the perfect trademark pastry. Inside were tender chunks of Fleurieu chicken swimming in a thick rich gravy that had an interesting combination of a tart cider tang and subtle hints of thyme.

Hills Cider Chicken Pie
Hills Cider Chicken Pie

The staff were friendly and the service was good. The atmosphere was relaxed and the pricing was on par with other bakeries. The Steak and Shiraz Pie was $4.90 and the Chicken Pie was $5.95. I’d like to say that the inclusion of alcohol into the pie fillings made them taste great, but for me, the flavours were more of an acquired taste.

WHERE: 83 Jetty Rd, Brighton




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