Golden Charm Thai

Golden Charm is located on the quieter western side of the city towards the West Terrace end. There are roughly two dozen dishes to choose from with many of the classic favourites on offer. These include a selection of noodles, curries, stir fried dishes and soups. Like all good establishments, they also have a lunch menu which starts at $8.50.


The decor is at this place is very basic with Ikea furnishings. While the room looks deceptively small, I counted 30 seats inside the restaurant. The place is located on a corner position, and there is good natural light coming in from both directions.


For lunch, I had the Pad Thai, which was ready 10 minutes after ordering. My first impression was that it was small, mainly due the size of the plate and the lack of height with the dish.

The noodles were well cooked as they were nice and firm. The chicken breast portions were generous but slightly over cooked. The fried egg was well distributed, and the peanuts and bean sprouts added a lovely crunchy texture. The inclusion of dried prawns was different to what I normally have, but it added a unique flavour that worked. The flavours were pretty much spot on.

Pad Thai
Pad Thai

The staff were friendly and the service was fast and efficient. The atmosphere was relaxed and the pricing was reasonable. The Pad Thai set me back $9.90 which I thought was a good deal in anyone’s language. The most expensive dishes are their seafood options which come in at $14.90.

WHERE: 255 Waymouth St, Adelaide




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