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If you’ve ever watched cooking shows, you would have seen liquid nitrogen being used in the kitchen at one point or another. Some fancy restaurants like to use it to freeze food or drinks, or to merely showcase its vapour when it’s exposed to air.


With a tank full of liquid nitrogen nearby, Fancy Ices blends all of the required ingredients to give you a fresh batch of ice cream not long after ordering. While liquid nitrogen can cause burns if not handled properly, it’s relatively safe to be used in the ice cream because it makes up 70% of the air that we breathe. In liquid form, it’s colourless and odourless, and has no bearing on the quality of the ice cream.

Fancy Ices currently offers 4 types of ice cream; Fancy Ferrero, Sweet Corn, Oreo Panda and V8.

Ice Cream Making with Liquid Nitrogen
Ice Cream Making with Liquid Nitrogen

The Fancy Ferrero is sure to be a favourite among customers. The rich decadent chocolate ice cream is accompanied by a syringe full of chocolate sauce, crunchy peanuts and a Ferrero Rocher. It certainly ticks all the boxes when it comes to chocolatey goodness.

Fancy Ferrero
Fancy Ferrero

The Sweet Corn is a bit of an acquired taste. It’s a corn based ice cream topped with creamed corn and corn flakes. The natural sweetness of the corn features prominently and the corn flakes add a nice crunchy texture. It was certainly different and I think they should get bonus points for originality.

Sweet Corn
Sweet Corn

The Oreo Panda is a cookies and cream ice cream topped with whipped cream and Oreo biscuits. The crushed biscuits add a lovely crunchy texture and will certainly be another favourite among customers.

Oreo Panda
Oreo Panda

I have to say the V8 was my least favourite out of the lot. It’s a tomato based ice cream topped with freshly chopped tomatoes and a syringe full of tomato sauce. If you could imagine a healthy ice cream, this would be it.


The staff were very warm and welcoming, and the service was excellent. The atmosphere was relaxed and the pricing was reasonable. Each container full of ice cream will set you back $7, which I thought was very reasonable and on par with other ice creameries.

Some might say that some of the flavours are out there, which is true, however, I’ve been told that the flavours will change depending on their popularity. Over time, the menu will be gradually extended to include other flavours. There will also be a Winter menu which will include hot beverages and waffles.

This place will start a trend with the use of liquid nitrogen in food preparation, particularly in Adelaide. If you look past the novelty of the gas vapours, they use fresh ingredients that are free of artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives. It’s unique, it’s different, and their two chocolate ice cream flavours are sure to win customers over.

WHERE: 31 Field St, Adelaide




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