Antica Pizzeria E Cucina – Hyde Park

Antica Pizzeria is set amongst other popular shops and eateries along the busy King William Road cafe precinct. I’ve been following this place on Instagram for quite some time now and it was only now that I had a chance to check them out. Finding out what was on offer from their website indicated they had both a lunchtime and dinner menu. The lunchtime menu consists of a selection of antipasto, piadinas and wood oven pizzas with either a tomato or white base.


As you enter the pizzeria, there is a bar to one side and an open kitchen at the end which showcases their woodoven. The number of seats on the inside are about two dozen with more seating in their undercover outdoor dining area.


For lunch, I ordered the Vegetariana which consisted of roasted red peppers, grilled eggplant, Swiss brown mushrooms and olives.

The pizza was ready after a 20 minute wait and was average in presentation. The size of the pizza was roughly 12 inches in diameter and the amount of topping was fairly generous. The sweetness of the roast peppers balanced by the saltiness of the olives, and it was nice to have other gourmet toppings thrown into the mix. The base was really thin towards the centre, and was considerably soggy. The crust, on the other hand, was nice and thick with a light fluffy texture.


At the time of ordering my meal, I was told that the pricing had gone up, however, it wasn’t reflected in the menus. Well if that was the case, the menu prices should have been updated. The lunch specials also indicate that you get a free glass of wine with every pizza ordered. I forgot about this at the time, but this was never offered.

Ultimately, I ended up paying $23 for a pizza that was good but not great. I felt this place was trying to pull the wool over my eyes in order to make a few extra dollars. Little did they know I would be writing about the experience for all to read.

WHERE: 144B King William Rd, Hyde Park




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  1. Rachel says:

    Went there for a Piadina when they first opened and complained about the sparse filling in comparison to the price. Their response was ‘well that’s how it is done in Italy’. Never been back to try the pizza. Go to Bliss on Melbourne Street.

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