Vietnam Star City

Vietnam Star City has been around way before the current popularity of Vietnamese cuisine. Located towards the quieter western end of Gouger Street, the offerings are quite extensive and showcases what Vietnamese food has to offer. The menu is divided into your common proteins with a selection of beef, chicken, pork and seafood dishes. There are also some hot pot dishes as well as your vegetarian options.


The outside of the building looks a little dated, but the inside is neat and well presented. The lanterns and pictures make this place a bit more traditional, while the white table cloths add a touch of elegance. Located on a corner position, there is plenty of natural light flowing through both frontages.


For dinner, I wanted something a bit light so I went for the King Prawn Goi (Vietnamese salad). The dish was ready after a 15 minute wait and was nicely presented. The prawns were juicy and succulent, and were provided in generous amounts. The cabbage, carrot and dried onion provided crunchy textures, while the mint was very refreshing. The salad was drenched in nouc cham which had a lovely balance of saltiness, sweetness and heat.

Prawn Goi
King Prawn Goi

The staff here were friendly and accommodating, and the service was really good. The King Prawn Goi set me back $14.90, which some may consider a little on the high side, but it was well executed.

This place is by no means an upmarket establishment, but for authentic home style Vietnamese meals, this is where it’s at.

WHERE: 167 Gouger St, Adelaide




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