Vietnamese Food On The Run

It was only a matter of time that Vietnamese street food was to be delivered from a food truck, and the appropriately named Vietnamese Food On The Run is the first to come onto the scene. The truck itself is larger than average and is not as well decked out as some of the others. The exterior is a light green with the counter side describing all of their menu options. There are 16 food items to choose from with Vietnamese bread rolls, cold rolls, spring rolls, salads, beef noodle soup, stews, cold noodles, fried rice and some vegetarian options.

Roast Pork Roll
Roast Pork Roll

For lunch, I ordered the Roast Pork Roll. It was made at the time of ordering and didn’t too look too shabby for something that came from a food truck. The roast pork was lightly marinated and really fatty. The crackling pork skin that I expected was notably absent. The pickled daikon and carrot were sweet and tangy which complemented the natural sweetness of the red onion. The coriander was fresh and the cucumber added a nice crunchy texture. The roll lacked depth as no egg mayonnaise or pate was applied, and the absence of fresh chilli took away any excitement. The bread roll was soft and should have been more crustier.

The staff were friendly and the service was fast and efficient. While I’ve seen some expensive rolls come from a food truck, the pricing here is very reasonable. The cost of the roll was $5, while you won’t pay more than $8.50 for anything on the menu.

The food is cheap and it does have the convenience of coming from a truck, but unfortunately, you get what you pay for.

WHERE: Shop 1, 39 Woodville Rd, Woodville South




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