Pigs On Fire

Vegetarians look away! There’s a Dutch pop-up BBQ called Pigs On Fire that makes it’s appearance at the Garden of Unearthly Delights only once a year. The BBQ is something to marvelled at. It’s constructed from timber logs and  iron grates built in the form of a teepee. Just about every part of the pig is slowly roasted from early afternoon till late in the night.

Barbecue Pit
Barbecue Pit

Tonight, I ordered the Pork Tasting Plate. The pork was tender and succulent, and full of flavour. The pulled pork was soft and delicate. The pork belly was juicy and the pork sausage was one of the best I’ve ever tasted. The crackling pork skin was absolutely divine as it wasn’t hard enough to break any teeth. The pork ribs could have been a bit better. There was hardly any meat on them and they were way over cooked. The bread was nice and crunchy, although a bit too hard for my liking.

Pork Tasting Plate
Pork Tasting Plate

My friend had the Pulled Pork Sourdough Bun. She said it was delicious, and having had the pulled pork in my dish, I would have to agree.

Pulled Pork Sourdough Bun
Pulled Pork Sourdough Bun

The staff were friendly and helpful with the decision making. The service was fast and efficient and the atmosphere was relaxed. The pricing is a bit high considering it’s location. You’re sitting outdoors on benches and you’re not exactly getting table service. The Pork Tasting Plate was $20 and I probably expected a bit more than what I got on my plate.

Based on the name, you would hope they cook their pork really well, and they do. It’s a once a year treat that is well worth the experience.

WHERE: Garden of Unearthly Delights, Rundle Street East





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