Hahndorf Inn

My favourite place for German food is the Hahndorf Inn. When ever I’m in the area, I will make sure that I have lunch there. Hahndorf is a good 20 minute drive from the city, but for premium quality dishes and authentic German cuisine, it’s well worth the drive. The decor is traditional and it’s like a little bit of Germany right here in Adelaide. The menu consists of all things meat and caters for the carnivores, but I need protein with every meal and am a big fan of this place.

Today, I ordered the Wurst Trio. The meal arrived 15 minutes after ordering and was nicely presented. Each wurst was juicy, moist and perfectly cooked. The sausages were full of flavour. The potatoes were firm and well dressed. The sauerkraut tasted nice and acidic. A simple yet delicious dish!

Wurst Trio
Wurst Trio

The Hahndorf Inn is the best place to come for food in Hahndorf. The atmosphere is relaxed and the service is pretty good. The food is consistently good and even the tourists know it.

WHERE: 35 Main St, Hahndorf





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