Dolce & Co – Burnside Village

I had known for quite a while that Dolce & Co were opening a stall inside Burnside Village. The desserts are the same as the Gilbert Street store, however, there’s a lot more seating. At the Burnside Village store, there are two counters, and the stall itself is sleek and modern.

Today, I ordered the Croquembouche, which has been made famous by the Master Chef TV show. Not the state of art creation like some of their other desserts, but still just as appealing. The pastry of the profiteroles were light and airy, and the cream inside had a subtle sweetness with a hint of vanilla. The toffee had a nice golden brown glaze, was crunchy and yet not too hard.


A store like this fits well with all the expensive shops in Burnside Village. The quality of the desserts is of a very high standard, but I’ve come to expect that from Dolce & Co. While there are other dessert places within the shopping complex, this would have to be one of the best.

WHERE: Burnside Village, 447 Portrush Rd, Glenside






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