Omurice House

Omurice House is located in the International Food Plaza food court in the Chinatown. For those who aren’t in the know, omurice is an omelette made with rice. As the title of the store suggests, their specialty is omurice dishes with either a cream or curry sauce and a protein of your choice. They also sell Yakitori at $2.50 a stick which looks to be great value.

Today, I ordered a Chicken Cheese Omurice. The dish was ready within 10 minutes of ordering and was nicely presented. The curry sauce that they used was straight out of a packet and was the only thing that gave the dish flavour. The omelette was well made and the rice consisted of nice individual grains, however the omurice was kind of bland. The chicken was tender and succulent, and had cheese embedded in it. It reminded me of chicken kiev.

Chicken Cheese Omurice
Chicken Cheese Omurice

Curiosity might get the better of you when you want to try something different, but for me, omurice isn’t anything special. The service is fast and efficient, and the store attendants seem keen to make a sale. The omurice dishes are all $9.90 which is reasonable value for a dishes that are satisfying in proportion. This place is OK for me.

WHERE: International Food Plaza Food Court, Central Markets





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