Atomic Burger Bar

I’ve driven past this place so many times when it used to be called something else. In recent times, it’s been given a face lift and is now known as the Atomic Burger Bar. While the signage and menus look more modern, the place itself still looks like an old fish and chip shop. I was then greeted by someone who I think was the owner. The reception was kind of cold, and there wasn’t any friendly banter or a single smile the whole time I was there.

The menu is fairly standard to your usual chicken shop, although they do have a selection of burgers on their menu. I could only see 2 chickens rotating on their rotisserie. This either meant that they don’t get much business or their chickens taste crap. Today, I ordered their Lamb Atomic Bomb; lamb and chips smothered in garlic, chili and tomato sauce. The lamb was reheated from a batch that was kept in the fridge. I could see the pale fatty white colour from a metre away as the owner placed the meat on the grill. White onions were also being cooked which was something new to this type of dish.

The meal was ready after a 15 minute wait and was nicely presented. The lamb was well marinated, but over cooked and fatty. There were half a dozen pieces that were difficult to chew. The lean portions of meat actually tasted quite nice. The chips were a nice thick style. Perfectly salted, nice and crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. The garlic sauce was of a nice consistency, and the heat of the chili sauce was accentuated by the caramelised onions.

Lamb Atomic Bomb
Lamb Atomic Bomb

The customer service was OK, and the atmosphere was relaxed, only because I was the only one there. The pricing was quite fair, but in this case, you really pay for what you get. This place is sort of on the right track. They just need better customer service and use better quality meat. Atomic Burger it may be, but it certainly ain’t the bomb!

WHERE: 428 Marion Rd, Plympton





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