Tea House Yum Cha

For me, yum cha is starting to taste the same where ever I have it, particularly with the mass production of a lot of the food items. I was even more skeptical when someone suggested we have it in a food court. When I approached Tea House Yum Cha in the Rundle Place food court, I was surprised to see they had a chef making the food. This is something rarely seen these days.

Today, we ordered dishes to share in a group. Many of the meals were already premade and were available immediately. The store attendant came across as a bit stern and it wouldn’t have hurt had she smiled a bit more.

SCALLOP DUMPLINGS – These tasted fairly good. The scallop was juicy and the dumpling skin was soft and delicate.

KING PRAWN DUMPLINGS – Also very good. King prawns were well cooked and the dumpling skin were the same as the Scallop Dumplings. We can now confirm that they have their dumpling skin down pat.

King Prawn Dumplings
King Prawn Dumplings

DIM SIMS – I’ve had better dim sims. The filling had an unusually chewy texture, and the dim sims were slightly cold. The flavour was slightly bland and was in desperate need of the chili oil dipping sauce.

RICE PANCAKES – The dish is rather simple, with prawns rolled up in the rice pancake. The pancake was nice and hot, but a bit thicker than usual. Could have done with extra soy sauce.

BEAN CURD ROLLS – Again, the filling has a firm chewy texture. Flavours were right.

CHICKEN FEET – The thing about chicken feet is you either love it or hate it. I personally hate it. There is a strong presence of star anise which is the way it should be. I think eating chicken feet is like wrapping your lips around an anorexic chicken.

The pricing is pretty much on par with yum cha restaurants which I disagree with. They don’t have waiting staff and the rents are probably not as high, so in theory, the food should be cheaper. They do have a yum cha chef, but I still found the food to be hit and miss. It was OK in my books.

WHERE: Rundle Place, Lower Ground Floor, Adelaide





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  1. This yum cha place is run by the same people from chinatown food plaza yum cha, so its gd to eat from experineced chefs. It’s good to see something different in the international food court but I did hear the rent is very high for onedof those foodcourt stalls unless you heard something different. I quite like their fried foods there and egg tarts when they are fresh!.

  2. I agree, it is good to see something different inside a food court in the CBD. I’ll need to give them another try!

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