Sushi Train – Grenfell St

I choo-choo choose you Sushi Train!

The Grenfell Street Sushi Train is conveniently located right in the heart of the CBD. As this sushi train station is closest to where I work, I’m not going to miss the plates on this train because I don’t have too far to walk. This store is a bit smaller than others, but I think it creates a more cosy atmosphere.

The service here is pretty good. There are half a dozen chefs making fresh sushi in the centre of the room, while there’s another team clearing the plates. I always enjoy watching the blow torches in action. This place certainly gets crowded, but with their fast and efficient service, the customer turnover is quick, so there are rarely any issues waiting for seats.

Their fast customer turnover also means their sushi is freshly made. Their tuna and salmon were both fresh. Their wagyu beef was lean, tender and perfectly cooked. Their sushi rice was soft and moist, while their seaweed wrapping was of a decent quality. With free wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger, you really can’t go wrong.

Salmon Cod Roe Sushi
Salmon Cod Roe Sushi

This place is licenced so you can enjoy a nice beer with your sushi, but don’t drink too much, there are no toilets in store!

WHERE: Shop 4-5, 82 King William St





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