Jenny’s Gourmet Bakery

The most reputable place to get your cronuts in Adelaide is at Jenny’s Gourmet Bakery. You have to get here quick folks.  When I got here around lunch time, there were only 3 types of cronuts left.

Today, I went for the Cookies and Cream Cronut. The cost was $5, which was reasonably priced considering specialist dessert places charge more. The cronut itself was delicious. Croissant pastry covered in sugar, layered with Cookies and Cream, topped off with some other cream and pieces of Cookies and Cream cookies. These things are quite large, probably twice the width of my mouth and I’m still working out how to properly eat one.

Cookies and Cream Cronut
Cookies and Cream Cronut

The store itself has more seating than your conventional bakery. There is plenty of seating on the side of the restaurant as well as out the front. The staff are really friendly, and a lot of their customers are locals or people that have heard about the cronut. The atmosphere was relaxed which was good as it gave me time to treasure the cronut experience. Parking can be hassle if you park right out the front. Glen Osmond road is always busy with traffic and getting your car out can take ages.

Definitely the place to come for cronuts! Simply amazing!

WHERE: 81 Glen Osmond Rd, Eastwood





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